About Us

  • Mission

    Our dedication is to convey predominant education in a caring domain empowering students to construct glad and fruitful lives. We mean to engage our students to be merciful, receptive to our great culture and legacy and exceed scholastic expectations.

  • Vision

    We focus on offering some value-based education, creating control, authority, and independence in every student. It is our profound conviction that instruction should be a blissful encounter that encourages the development and change of youthful personalities at their naive age and braces them with Knowledge and aptitudes to confront the competitive world.

  • Core Values

    We weight on imparting a solid worth framework in every student. This encourages them to develop into people of phenomenal character who make a significant commitment to society. School is making an earnest endeavor to present a diverse, all-encompassing, instructive environment that blends mechanical progressions and humanistic sharpness with a special spotlight on 'Human Engineering'.



"Good teachers know the best in students."
Charles Kuralt
The qualified and experienced faculty at Green Valley Sec. School offers unconditional love, care, and support which transforms a child into a vibrant and lively individual.

Our teachers nurture caring and compassionate human beings with an optimistic attitude towards life.


Our Commitment:

To deliver the best education in a loving and friendly environment with the main emphasis on values and ethics.

School’s Motto conveys the ideals that we wish to inculcate in a child.

Green Valley Sec. School is an English medium co-educational institution affiliated to the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education (RBSE).

At Green Valley Sec. School, we believe in the science of ‘Human Engineering’ that combines technology and human psychology which provides our students the best in academics, sports, and interpersonal relations.

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